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Flakes on your own site!

With the dawn of the new year, we have introduced a wonderful new feature for you guys – you can now place flakes from your Pageflakes pages into your own websites. Don’t believe what I’m saying? Here goes a flake from my page:

The steps are extremely easy – go to the edit area of any flake and click on the Export tab. It will provide you with a small chunk of HTML code that you need to copy and then paste in any of your pages – voila ! For a detail, step-by-step step, read our blog here

Pageflakes – “Share and Win” Competition

As you may know, Pageflakes is the only personal startpage service that lets you share pages with other users. There are many reasons for setting up a shared page:

  • Share contacts, to-do-lists and news with your work colleagues
  • Set up a family page with photos, a shared calendar, notes…
  • Exchange news and video clips with your sports clubs

Today we want to offer you yet another reason to set up a shared page: US$ 2,000 in prizes!

More details here.

Pageflakes retains the crown !

Once again the web 2.0 passionates have chosen Pageflakes to be the ruler of the webtop (web+desktop) arena !!! We feel proud when we see that our users are finding Pageflakes useful in fulfilling their needs – the goal we keep in focus when we work. We always focus on user experience to make sure that we don’t bloat our users with unnecessary features. Rather, we try to add things that come handy in daily life.

Directly quoting from the InformationWeek article:

“Pageflakes: If I were going to use an Ajax desktop, Pageflakes is the one I’d pick. To begin with, Pageflakes has the most interesting and useful types of applets (which it calls Flakes), and the widest variety: Besides offering a very easy way to link to various popular RSS feeds, the service lets you add the Funny Quote of the Day and TV listings; use a movie finder that hooks into; chat live using the Pageflakes chat engine (which is actually not very useful, since you can only chat to other Pageflakes users); write notes; check the weather; keep to-do and contact lists… There’s even a link to a simple Alexa graph that lets you monitor the traffic of up to five Web sites. As of this writing, there were 98 different Flakes that you could choose from.

Pageflakes has the most interesting and useful applets (which it calls Flakes)

The interface is useful as well: You can organize your Flakes into separate tabbed pages and easily move them from one page to the next. You can even share pages with friends. Pageflakes has obviously had a lot of thought go into it — and it shows. “

If you feel that your idea can take Pageflakes to the next level of satisfaction, feel free to post your ideas as comments here.

Pageflakes, here I come !

Although it’s been a while I am in touch with Pageflakes, recently I have joined in the development team as a Development Engineer.

I started as a community developer, developed some small flakes, and then was asked to join the team as a developer. Currently my days in Pageflakes are going with much excitement as working in Pageflakes is fun!

We need to do so much things before releasing a new feature, yet the excitement is never less !! We develop flakes, we test them, the flakes pass through life cycle but when its released and used by many users, you can’t help flying in the air in excitement !

Are you using it?

I am now a somewhere in…partner

Today I have been included as a member of styret in somewhere in… It’s a long awaiting status that I have been dreaming of since I joined in May 01, 2005 ! It took a longer time than usual as I was working in a part-time basis.

I believe that I have learnt a lot of things during my stay in somewhere in… for the last few months. These learnings not only includes developer’s knowledge, but also includes strategic thinking, social networking, afoofa, community involvement, collaboration and many other excellent knowledge.

In my own judgement, I see my days in somewhere in… as an investment in creating a better future: both from personal and organizational viewpoint. Not only I learnt many things but also I helped my company in creating colorful moments !

At the end, I can see that my responsibility has increased with this status and I assure everybody that will strive for fulfilling it to the farmost extent.