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Beware of the so called “Senior PHP Developers”

With the rise of PHP developer as career, many are trying to get their share in the pie. Lately I’ve met a number of developers who have worked for more than one/two years in developing PHP applications in various companies and they consider themselves as “senior” developers. They try to emphasize that they’ve done enough raw programming and they are now in a position where they’ll only design architecture of applications.

When you interview them and ask about complex topics, they’ll reply: “Oh my last company didn’t allow me work with that, but I’ll be able to grab that in a day“. You trust them and think that if they get the chance, they’ll sure be able to excel. After all, they’ve got that Company X’s experience and Guru Y’s reference.
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Trippert, here I come!

Trippert Inc

I am going to take some of my time out from my regular job as CTO of Right Brain Solution Ltd. and will work at Trippert, Inc. as Development Manager, starting from this month. My primary responsibilities will include software development and project management on various company projects.

I am very excited about working with Trippert as many of the developers there are known to me and I highly regard their work. Also, teaming up again with Hasin is a great thing (we worked together before in Somewhere in… and Pageflakes). I hope to enjoy this journey a lot !