Auto-restart MariaDB when it dies

I am running a small, low-memory VPS where MariaDB is frequently killed by the system due to lack of memory. Since I wanted to keep the budget fixed and didn’t have enough time to look under the hood to find the root cause, I opted in for running a cron to periodically check and start MariaDB if its not running.

* * * * * /bin/systemctl status mariadb.service > /dev/null || /bin/systemctl start mariadb.service

The double pipe || means OR and will execute the 2nd command if the first command fails somehow. (Returns an exit code greater than zero.)

Organizing Life

I am a procrastinator. One who has mastered its art. I have always been so. I do important things at the very last minute, with the highest intensity. I have succeeded with this approach more than I should have. As a result, I’ve escaped the failure narrowly all the time. However, it doesn’t give me any joy or satisfaction. It leaves a “I could have done better” feelings inside all the time. And its something that I am not proud of.

Well, enough with that. There has to be a stop to this and I have to make some serious changes to get out of this nasty habit. I’m reading some books and blog posts to understand it better. I’m also trying to develop a system that, if followed properly, will allow me to avoid this.

So far I am adopting the following changes in my life:

I am hopeful I can stick to these changes and get better in this. I’ll review this every two weeks and will make any adjustments that I see fit.

Photo by Kyle Szegedi.

Pageflakes, here I come !

Although it’s been a while I am in touch with Pageflakes, recently I have joined in the development team as a Development Engineer.

I started as a community developer, developed some small flakes, and then was asked to join the team as a developer. Currently my days in Pageflakes are going with much excitement as working in Pageflakes is fun!

We need to do so much things before releasing a new feature, yet the excitement is never less !! We develop flakes, we test them, the flakes pass through life cycle but when its released and used by many users, you can’t help flying in the air in excitement !

Are you using it?

I am now a somewhere in…partner

Today I have been included as a member of styret in somewhere in… It’s a long awaiting status that I have been dreaming of since I joined in May 01, 2005 ! It took a longer time than usual as I was working in a part-time basis.

I believe that I have learnt a lot of things during my stay in somewhere in… for the last few months. These learnings not only includes developer’s knowledge, but also includes strategic thinking, social networking, afoofa, community involvement, collaboration and many other excellent knowledge.

In my own judgement, I see my days in somewhere in… as an investment in creating a better future: both from personal and organizational viewpoint. Not only I learnt many things but also I helped my company in creating colorful moments !

At the end, I can see that my responsibility has increased with this status and I assure everybody that will strive for fulfilling it to the farmost extent.