Today I have been included as a member of styret in somewhere in… It’s a long awaiting status that I have been dreaming of since I joined in May 01, 2005 ! It took a longer time than usual as I was working in a part-time basis.

I believe that I have learnt a lot of things during my stay in somewhere in… for the last few months. These learnings not only includes developer’s knowledge, but also includes strategic thinking, social networking, afoofa, community involvement, collaboration and many other excellent knowledge.

In my own judgement, I see my days in somewhere in… as an investment in creating a better future: both from personal and organizational viewpoint. Not only I learnt many things but also I helped my company in creating colorful moments !

At the end, I can see that my responsibility has increased with this status and I assure everybody that will strive for fulfilling it to the farmost extent.