I presented this talk on the Soft Expo 2010 – the largest software fair in Bangladesh. The intention was to clear some of the misconception about PHP, the growth of PHP, how it can fit in the enterprise now, etc.

After these, I shed light on some topics that a company/developer should keep in mind in order to write good software in PHP. This was followed by live session on caching, mysql query optimization, use of Xdebug, etc.

So here goes the presentation:

And a big thanks to Ivo Jansch’s “PHP in the real wolrd” presentation, from where I took inspiration.


2 thoughts on “ Enterprise PHP ”

  1. hi Emran,

    this is a nice presentation, I have some questions:

    1) may be you could also provide a pdf version to read it offline?

    2) You mentioned that “PHP does not always have all of the functionality needed”

    Could you give me some examples? Because I think you are wrong here, it is more likely that you need to write more code to achieve ‘That needed functionality’ as compared to other languages like .NET or JAVA. As far as web development is concerned, PHP allows you to do anything you need.


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