I wanted to install the Symfony 4 beta to play with the new features. While I was able to get most of it working, but was facing issues due to package dependency when trying to install some common bundles. I then settled with the 3.4 branch, which has the exact same functionalities except for some backward compatibility.

Here are the steps to get the framework up & running with the most used bundles:

1composer create-project symfony/skeleton symfony "3.4.0-BETA1"
2cd symfony/
3composer req web-server "3.4.0-BETA1"
4composer req annotations
5composer req orm
6composer req annotations
7composer req doctrine-migrations
8composer req debug "3.4.0-BETA1"
9composer req log
10composer req profiler
11composer req security "3.4.0-BETA1"
12composer req mailer
13composer req validation "3.4.0-BETA1"
14composer req encore
15composer req twig-extensions
16composer req serialization "3.4.0-BETA1"
17composer require friendsofsymfony/rest-bundle
18composer require stof/doctrine-extensions-bundle

Once the installation is done, you can start the application using the web server and it should be running.

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