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Mohammad Emran Hasan
·Sep 1, 2015·

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I am a procrastinator. One who has mastered its art. I have always been so. I do important things at the very last minute, with the highest intensity. I have succeeded with this approach more than I should have. As a result, I’ve escaped the failure narrowly all the time. However, it doesn’t give me any joy or satisfaction. It leaves a “I could have done better” feelings inside all the time. And its something that I am not proud of.

Well, enough with that. There has to be a stop to this and I have to make some serious changes to get out of this nasty habit. I’m reading some books and blog posts to understand it better. I’m also trying to develop a system that, if followed properly, will allow me to avoid this.

So far I am adopting the following changes in my life:

I am hopeful I can stick to these changes and get better in this. I’ll review this every two weeks and will make any adjustments that I see fit.

Photo by Kyle Szegedi.

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