We all have designed databases in our life in various occasions. Its quite a fun job for small scale db, but gets hectic when lots of relations come into play. What if someone helps you out with a sample db model on the topic that you are going to make? Wouldn’t it be helpful if you can get an idea about the various entities, know some of the basic business rules and see a sample E-R diagram before starting?

Barry Williams thinks so and has built Llibrary of Free Data Models to help the database makers out there. Its a collection of over 400 ‘Kick-start’ data models that he created in the last 5 years. The top 10 most demanded models of the library are (full list here):

  1. Libraries and Books
  2. Inventory Control for Retail Stores
  3. Hotel Reservations
  4. Video Rentals
  5. School Management
  6. Clients and Fees
  7. CD collections
  8. Customers and Invoices
  9. Payroll
  10. Apartment Rentals

So, bookmark this site and use as a reference for any new data model you need to work with.

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