Today we released the long waited Somewhere in… Blog ! Its a community blog totally based on Bangla language. You can write posts in bangla, add categories in bangla, tag in bangla, search in bangla, and so on !!!

Being the lead developer of the system, I always emphasized to make the system damn easy for all kinds of users. We managed to place the admin panel of the system right into the normal pages, that means, the user doesnt need to move to a seperate admin panel to manage her posts, categories, etc.

Thanks goes to Hasin bhai for his excellent contribution in the bangla writing system, to Hasan and Misho bhai for the on-spot editing functions in Javascript, to Arild for the blog design, to Deborah apa, Didar bhai, Shahana apa for their excellent support throughout the time, and to everybody out there for whom we built this.

I hope all our efforts will be worth when we’ll see people are using this system to express their thoughts, after all thats why we actually started this !